Photo: Pixabay a large road accident in Egypt killed three people

At least three people were killed and over 50 were hospitalized after a collision of the bus with tailordom. All the victims were from Sudan.

As a result of collision of a tourist bus with a truck in Egypt at least three Sudanese were killed and over 50 injured. The accident occurred on Sunday, may 6, in the Egyptian province of Minya, according to Xinhua.

It is noted that the truck was loaded with cement.

“The bus was on the way from the capital of Sudan Hartum in Cairo when it collided with a truck loaded with cement”, – stated in the message.

Among the victims were 50-year-old bus driver from Sudan.

The injured were taken to nearby hospitals in the province.

Earlier it was reported that in Mexico, more than 50 cars involved in an accident.

Recall that in the US the girl was killed in an accident seconds after the selfie.


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