So, during the tour, vacationer managed to capture on camera, like the airspace was floating pyramid. The discoverer of the anomaly was intended to capture the beauty of the Egyptian desert. The published video can be seen as a mysterious object was moving not only forward but also in a circle. Witness the phenomenon of stressed that during the flight, the Egyptian pyramids have amazing agility and speed. Egyptologists also agree that this is not the first incident with the flying pyramids. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

After the first reports of a soaring pyramid in Egypt in 70 years, scientists tried to prove the fact, but because of the lack of evidence — the idea failed.

It was noted earlier that the great pyramid had its own walls of some sort of system to transfer information. It is a system of tunnels in which there were a large number of valves. It is the last element allowed to create an analogue of the acoustic system for reproduction of signals.

In addition, the magnet located in the pyramid of the ancient Mayan civilization, was on the shoulder to pull to the earth of potentially dangerous space bodies, the approach of which could lead to the complete extermination of existence on the Blue planet.