Scottish tourist in France was devoured by a shark

The man disappeared on the eve of the French island, going for a swim. His remains were found in the stomach of the shark.

In France, on the coast of reunion island caught a shark in which stomach found a hand missing tourist. About it writes Daily Mail.

A tourist from Scotland Richard Martin Turner was swimming in “safe” lagoon with a mask and snorkel. Saturday, November 2, a 44-year-old man disappeared.

He came with his wife Verity Turner in a five star hotel to celebrate her 40th anniversary.

The wife organized a search-and-rescue mission for her husband, and after a few days close to the beach noticed a tiger shark. The predator was caught and found in its stomach the human hand.

Turner recognized engagement ring on your spouse finger. The examination proved that the remains belong to the missing Scottish tourist.

The lagoon, in which swam a man, called safe for swimming. If attacked by a shark on Turner in shallow water, or swept into the sea of neizvesten

Earlier it was reported that in Armenia, the attack of a bear killed a tourist from Poland. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Cambodia, a tourist died after tablets from vomiting.

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