In Berlin, a private clinic on Tuesday evening, striker fatally shot 59-year-old Fritz von weizsäcker, son of ex-President Richard von weizsäcker, reported the online edition of “true European” with reference to Der Tagesspiegel.

It happened in the hospital next to the Palace Charlottenburg around 19.00, when Fritz von weizsäcker was reading a lecture.

The unidentified man, who was among the listeners, suddenly hit the lecturer with a knife. Attempts by doctors to revive him were unsuccessful, as a result the man died.

In addition, he was wounded the police officer who was not on duty, however, was in the hall and wanted to stop an attacker. He’s been hospitalized.

Listeners in the room were able to subdue the assailant, after which he was detained by militiamen.

Fritz von weizsäcker 2005 he was the chief physician of the Department of internal medicine at the Schlosspark clinic.

The father of the murdered Richard von weizsäcker 1984-1994 he was the Federal President of Germany. He died January 31, 2015.