Photo: Social networks, the Police managed to detain the suspect

The son of former German President Richard von weizsäcker read the report in his clinic when he was attacked by a man.

On Tuesday, November 19, during the reading of the medical report in one of clinics of Berlin was killed by the son of the former President of Germany Richard von weizsäcker, a doctor Fritz von weizsäcker, according to DW.

Fritz von weizsäcker was Chairman of the Department of internal medicine private clinic in Berlin located near Charlottenburg Palace.

He read the report in his clinic in front of 20 students, when he was attacked by a man who was among the spectators, and inflicted a stab wound. The result is 59-year-old doctor died.

It is also reported that the attack resulted in severe injuries to one of the participants who tried to defend von weizsäcker. With a severe wound he was hospitalized.

Arzt in Charlottenburg ermordet
Fritz von #Weizsäcker in Schlosspark-Klinik erstochen. @bzberlin @BILD_Berlin @J_Schilde @BZcat030 @TomSchreiberMdA @GdPHauptstadt @Djeron7 @GdP_Dir4 @Majonnchen @nfskiberlin @max_langner @4_strauchi @DPolGBerlin @UPol_eV

— Nacht Floh (@BZ_NachtFloh) 19 Nov 2019

The police managed to detain the suspect. His motives are still unknown.

Earlier it was reported that police prevented custom-made murder of the lawyer in the Kyiv region. For the assassination of the head of the law office, the customer hired a hit man who was promised $7 thousand. Law enforcement officers staged the murder and arrested the customer.

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