Police are investigating a mysterious death of a courier company staff

The police sees no connection between the deaths and considers them to be a coincidence, however, testing is carried out in protective suits.

In Germany for hours under mysterious circumstances killed two members of the company for the delivery of goods Hermes, another man was found seriously injured. On Wednesday, October 16, reports NTV.

It is noted that on Tuesday morning in the dispatch center Hermes in Haldensleben was found dead 58-year-old man. After a few hours, day, dead found the 45-year-old man in the driver’s seat in the van.

In addition, on-site dispatch center found seriously wounded another man. However, the police stated that this case does not cause them any suspicion.

Deaths police said “an unfortunate chain of coincidences”. A team of 120 people and emergency services were called in to investigate the deaths. They inspected the van for possible toxic contamination.

When they opened the package inside the van, they found a small amount of toxic substances. However, the police stated that the quantity of toxins is not dangerous.

Law enforcement authorities reported that initial medical examinations indicate neskasannoe of both deaths, and there are no specific signs of poisoning.

Firefighters in protective suits and breathing masks by night, visited an apartment where a 45-year-old Hermes delivered the parcel before his death. They checked the parcel for possible toxins and also found nothing.

“We assume that this unfortunate set of circumstances, but we just can’t rule out that it was a dangerous situation,” said night, a police spokesman Matthias Luetkemeier of police Byrd.

Depot Hermes employs 3000 employees. On Tuesday evening, the company has temporarily suspended work for security reasons.

Recall that a few years ago by coincidence recognized the simultaneous death of two tourists from St. Petersburg who died during the bus trip through Poland.

Previously, German scientists have named the cause of death of the ancient Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut.



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