Photo: dpa the Blast was voiced at the meeting of the Iranian opposition, with the participation of the former mayor of new York Rudolph Giuliani

Assadollah A. was an employee of the Iranian Embassy in Vienna. Previously the Belgian special services have prevented a terrorist act was being prepared on his behalf.

On suspicion of espionage and plotting to kill Federal prosecutors in Germany issued a warrant for the arrest of a 46-Leny Iranians, reports on Wednesday, July 11, the AFP news Agency. Suspect Assadollah A. a few days ago, was arrested near Aschaffenburg on the basis of a European warrant issued by a Belgian Prosecutor. At the moment he is in prison.

According to the police, Assadollah A. instructed the couple – Belgians of Iranian origin is to detonate the bomb in the suburbs of Paris during the annual event with the participation of the Iranian opposition, particularly the National Council of resistance of Iran . He also suspected that gave spouses an explosive device along with 500 grams of explosives in triperoxide of triacetone. On the day of the alleged attack, the husband and wife were arrested by the Belgian security services on the road to France.

It is reported that Assadollah A. was an employee of the Iranian Embassy in Vienna. He also, apparently, worked for the Ministry of information and national security of Iran. In particular, the Agency is engaged in intense surveillance and suppression of opposition inside and outside the Islamic Republic.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Iran summoned the ambassadors of France and Belgium, and chargé d’affaires of Germany to Express protest against the arrest of the Iranian diplomat in Germany.

Source: Russian service of DW


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