German politician
expressed hope for progress in the abolition of sanctions imposed by Germany against
Of the Russian Federation. It is reported that RT reports the Russian Dialogue.

Stegner said
this issue would be resolved faster if everything depended on Berlin. In
therefore, he did not give any predictions about the speed of decision

According to him, in
Germany wants to lift sanctions as the restrictive measures do not bring
the benefit of no one. He believes that the speed of lifting the restrictive measures will
depend on progress in implementing the Minsk agreements, and “formula Steinmeier”,
as well as from the negotiations, “Norman Quartet.”

Sergei Tsekov
called the statement Stegner common and noted that Moscow is talking about it
a few years ago. The Russian Senator stressed that the restrictive measures
the harm to all involved in the sanctions policy of the countries.

Earlier similar statement was made by another German politician Mike Moring. The representative of “Christian-democratic
Union of Germany” called for a gradual lifting of sanctions against Russia before the beginning of

We will remind, in France
also called to cancel anti-Russian sanctions. MP from the party “National
Association” josé Evrard called the sanctions policy of the Paris anti-Russian
hysteria and talked about its negative effects.