Was previously information about 100 detainees, 43 of which were placed under arrest.

Law enforcement agencies of Hamburg announced that since the beginning of the riots that accompanied held in city summit of “big twenty”, was arrested 144 people. This writes Bi-Bi-si.

It is also reported that clashes in the city continued in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Around 3:30 in the morning and the police wrote on his official Twitter account that the situation on the streets has calmed down.

In Germany, renewed clashes with the police due to the G20 summit

Police earlier asked for eyewitnesses to upload to a special portal photos and videos of the action to the law enforcement officers were able to identify the violators.

In a press release, law enforcement said that the protesters were armed, in particular, Molotov cocktails, threw themselves out of the pavement stones and injured some law enforcement officers slingshots .

As in Hamburg, held a protest in the backdrop of the G20 summit (Photo)

In Hamburg on 7 and 8 July took place the summit “the big twenty” in the city gathered heads of state, was significantly strengthened security measures.

Hamburg is famous for its tradition of mass protests. In the city there are traditionally more left-wing areas, home to many activists. The protests against the summit began July 6 – then, according to police, there were about 12 thousand demonstrators.