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© Andrey bekrenev/TASS

© Andrey bekrenev/TASS

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© Andrey bekrenev/TASS

© Andrey bekrenev/TASS

HAVANA, June 27. /Offset. TASS bekrenev Andrei/. The concert dedicated to the memory of Opera singer Marianna Alexandrovna Ulickoy (1900-1993), known in Cuba under the pseudonym Mariana de Gonic, took place on Tuesday in Havana.

Students of the Academy of classical singing name de Gonic performed “Kalinka”, “Ochi Chernye”, “Katyusha” and “Moscow nights”.

The concert was held in the Theatre named after the national hero of Cuba josé martí, located in the historical centre of Havana.

The program included not only Russian repertoire. Students of the Academy performed Cuban songs: “White rose”, “Song of rebels” and “Victory”, as well as the composition of the Venezuelan pop group Los Cadillac”s called “Chavez heart of the people.” Sounded the song “final journey of Fidel” dedicated to the memory of Fidel Castro, who died in November 2016.

The concert, organized with the support of the Historical Bureau of Havana and of the Embassy of Russia, received the name “Mariana de Gonic: soul, divided between Russia and Cuba”. The singer more than half a century he lived in Cuba.

Early career

Marianne Ustica was born 5 Feb 1900 in St. Petersburg. In the 20-30-ies of the last century, she performed in the Opera houses of Western Europe and the United States. In 1928, at the Berlin Opera Mariana de Gonic three sang in the Opera “Faust” with Fedor Chaliapin and once in the Leipzig theatre.

In Havana Mariana de Ganic arrived in August 1940 with her husband, Cuban composer Pedro Gyda, whom he met in Paris. In 1945, the singer opened in Havana private school of Opera. Over the years, lived in the Caribbean nation, she was taught the art of Bel Canto several generations of Cuban singers. Among her most famous students included Esther Valdes, Alina Sanchez, Maggie Carles, Mario Travieso, Isaac Delgado.

Marianne Ustica died in 1993 at the age of 92 years and is buried in Havana cemetery name of Christopher Columbus.

Academy of singing the name de Ganic

The Havana Academy of classical singing name Mariana de Ganic in January of this year celebrated its tenth anniversary. Team is headed by one of the disciples of de Ganic singer Hugo the Donkey.

“Russian repertoire was an indispensable item in the program de Ganic, and we still religiously faithful to this tradition,” said the Donkey in an interview with TASS.

The students of the Academy regularly give concerts at various venues. So, in November of last year, when Cuba recalled Fidel Castro, the first anniversary of his death, they arrived at the cemetery Santa Ifigenia in Santiago de Cuba, where he is buried, the former head of the country. There, standing at his grave, the students of the Academy performed Cuban songs “Victory”.