Photo: Screenshot of the Airbus 321 Honolulu airport

20 minutes before landing the cabin and cargo Bay liner smoke appeared. Passengers were evacuated using emergency ladders.

In the US, the airline Hawaiian Airlines made an emergency landing in Honolulu in the Hawaiian Islands because of the smoke on Thursday, August 22. Seven passengers were hospitalized, according to Hawaii News Now.

The Airbus 321 was flying from Oakland California to the Hawaiian Islands. On Board were 184 passengers and seven crew members.

20 minutes before arrival in the cabin and cargo compartment liner smoke appeared. After the passengers were evacuated using emergency ladders.

The airline representative said that five adults and two children, taken to hospital, identified the symptoms associated with smoke inhalation. According to preliminary information, their condition is not dangerous.

The source of the smoke or the fire is not yet discovered.

Recall, June 22, at the Hawaii nine people were killed in the crash of a King Air plane near the airport of the city of Dillingham.

And on the eve of California’s passenger Cessna Citation plane caught fire during takeoff on the runway. No one was hurt.

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