A police officer was wounded by an arrow during the protests in Hong Kong, according to Sunday newspaper the South China Morning Post.

The arrow hit the policeman in the Shin, he was sent to the hospital.

On Sunday, clashes between police and protesters in Hong Kong are near the Polytechnic University.

The police used against activists tear gas and water cannons. The protesters in turn pelted with bricks servants, clearing blocked roads near the University.

The Hong Kong authorities announced that on Monday, November 18, from security considerations, will close schools and kindergartens. Amid protests, they do not work for a few days.

In Hong Kong from June, continuing mass protests. The reason was the intention of the authorities of the city to amend the extradition act that would send to countries that do not have an appropriate agreement with Hong Kong, including mainland China suspected of committing crimes.

In connection with the protests of the adoption of these amendments was postponed and later cancelled. However, protests that are accompanied by clashes of protesters with the police, continue with the new requirements, in particular the introduction in the administrative district system of direct elections manual. Protesters also oppose the brutal police action that accompanied previous protests.

Anti-government protests have intensified in the beginning of November, when, during one of the actions killed 22-year-old student. After that, the protesters began to build fortifications in some universities, using them as a base to confront the police. The greater part of the universities they left, however, at the Polytechnic University, the situation remains tense.

Unlike other universities, which have captured the protesters, Polytechnic University is located in Central Hong Kong, close to a number of important transport nodes.



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