Photo: Times of India Missing tourists looking for

All on Board boats carrying more than 60 people. Still managed to save no more than 20 of them.

At least 12 people drowned and more than 30 missing as a result of capsizing of a motor boat with tourists on the river Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. About this newspaper the Times of India Monday, September 16.

It is noted that the tragedy occurred in the village of Devipatnam. In total onboard a vessel there were more than 60 people, about 20 of them saved.

The search for the missing involved rescuers and helicopters. The capsized boat belonged to the local tourist Department.

September 13 at the lake in the state of Madhya Pradesh during a religious festival, capsized boat, at the result 11 people died.

Earlier in India during the storm killed 15 sailors. Their bodies washed up on the beach. Two more were reported missing.

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