In Tehran near the University named after the Amir Kabir University students took to protest action, demanding to punish the perpetrators of the plane crash MAU, shot down an Iranian missile, reports “Radio Freedom”.

The campaign runs under the slogan: “the Resignation is not enough for prosecution”. Students chanted “Shame” in relation to Iranian leaders, calling for justice in the case of a plane crash.

In the video, in social networks it is evident that the protesters carry candles and flowers in memory of the lost passengers of the plane.

ده سال گذشت…
حسرتِ کشیدنِ يک و آه را هم به دل استبداد گذاشت…#میرحسین_موسوی#روزهاى_سبز#۲۵_خرداد

— رزاق حسین (@hoseinrazzagh) June 15, 2019

It is reported that clashes broke out with police in Iran. Security forces used stun grenades.