The civilian left without a home in Mosul, 10.09.16

According to the UN children’s Fund UNICEF, from the time of seizure of the “Islamic state” in 2014, about a third of Iraqi territory in the country killed 1075 children, more than 1130 injured. About it reports DW.

ISIS militants kill children in order to intimidate people and prevent their escape from Mosul.

“They use children as a weapon of war, not to give people to leave the city. It again shows how indiscriminate and catastrophic this war,” said UNICEF representative in Iraq, Peter Hawkins.

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According to him, UNICEF has documentary evidence that the terrorists kill children, not to allow people to leave Mosul, thus intimidating those who did have such plans.

Only in the last six months in Iraq, killed 152 children, and another 255 were wounded. About 4650 children were separated from their families .

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UNICEF also reported that more than 1.2 million children in Iraq do not have the ability to learn, and more than three million girls and boys attend school regularly. In 2014, the country has seen 140 attacks on schools.

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According to the children’s Fund, more than five million children and young people in Iraq in need of humanitarian assistance.

As reported in Iraq’s Mosul four journalists struck a mine, one died, three were injured.

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