Before gay pride parades in Istanbul held so

Gay pride parades in Istanbul held since 1993.

Turkish authorities for the third year running banned gay pride parade in Istanbul, according to Al Jazeera.

According to the newspaper, gay pride parade, which was to be held today, June 25, banned for security reasons because of the ultra-nationalist groups threatened to block the event.

“The March is not allowed for reasons of security in relation to citizens, especially the participants and tourists who will be in this area”, – said Saturday the Governor of Istanbul.

In the Governor’s office refer to a “very serious reaction” in social networks, made against the event, which is forbidden for three consecutive years.

Organisers say the ban because of security reasons actually legitimitely individuals and groups who threaten and carry out crimes motivated by hatred .

Lara Mode Oslen, a representative of the gay pride parade, said that their call about the parade in force and that the event will be held.

“The reasons for the ban our parade are not significant or compelling,” she said in comments to Al Jazeera.

Gay pride parades in Istanbul held since 1993.

We will remind, during a March for equality of the LGBT community in Kiev, the police found gas canisters and balaclavas at a few young people.