The detention in Istanbul on may 1, 2017

Istanbul may day demonstrations escalated into clashes with police. It is reported hurriyet.

It is reported that Taksim square, which was closed for demonstrations, two women wanted to expand the may day posters and was detained.

There was another group of people who wanted to go to Taksim from beşiktaş. People were about 30, they shouted slogans and refused to give police their transparency. Several people were also detained.

About three hundred people tried to go to Taksim from Sisli district, but they were stopped by the police, some people managed to escape along the side streets, but many were detained.

Note that the Taksim square, cordoned off by the police, the traffic around closed and all residents of the hotels in the area and checked before 1 may .

Taksim square became a symbolic place for left-wing groups in Turkey after suspects are ultra-nationalists opened fire from the hotel “Marmara”, with the result that in 1977 killed at least 34 people. This year the celebration of may 1 in Taksim square was banned.

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