Crush in Turin

In Italy in the stampede that arose on the Piazza San Carlo in Turin during a football match Juventus — real Madrid, injured more than 600 fans, including children. This was reported on the website of

After the match one of the football fans launched a firecracker and yelled that it was a bomb. People were afraid of crashing. The crowd of hundreds of people in a panic began to flee. Many fell. Seven-year-old boy is in critical condition. The child has injuries to the head and chest.

#UltimOra #Torino sale a un migliaio il numero dei feriti in piazza San Carlo #Canale50

— Sky TG24 (@SkyTG24) 4 June 2017 R .

VUT Une image mille mots #piazzasancarlo #Torino

— L’avvocato Ω (@Aymen_Hannibal) 3 June 2017 R.

Fermateli in any modo! #LondonBridge #London e la psicosi e il #panico di #Torino #piazzasancarlo dimostra che è un mondo invivibile!

— Salvatore Alfieri (@sasaalfieri) 4 June 2017 R.

We will remind, on Saturday, June 3, hosted the final match of the Champions League. Real Madrid beat Juventus 4-1.

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