Photo: Twitter the Arrest of gang member in Rimini

Two members of the band surrendered to the police, two more were arrested later.

Italian police arrested all the gang members who attacked a married couple from Poland on the beach in Rimini, reports WeltN24.

Recall that in late August a group of unknown attacked a couple from Poland, with the result that the young man was brutally beaten and his girlfriend had been sexually assaulted.

It is noted that two minors of Moroccan origin were surrendered to the carabinieri. They stated that they saw themselves on the surveillance videos from the crime scene and realized that they do not escape.

Later, she was arrested a third alleged member of the gang, 17-year-old Congolese boy.

The search for the leader of the gang, considered the most dangerous, continued until the morning of 3 September. Twenty year old young man, also a refugee from the Congo, was detained at the station of Rimini while trying to escape by train .

In Germany, increased the number of suspects in the crime immigrants

Earlier it was reported that in the camp in Northern France migrants raped the translator of the French journalist.