In Ivano-Frankivsk buried the remains of victims of the NKVD



Photo: Facebook

Ukraine news: At a memorial event came hundreds of people from Ivano-Frankivsk and region.

Near Ivano-Frankivsk, in the Memorial complex “Demyaniv LAZ”, on Saturday, March 24, reburied the remains of 134 people who are considered the victims of Communist terror. The city declared a Day of mourning.

“During the excavations was found and exhumed the remains of 134 persons. It is established that this burial belongs to the victims of Communist terror period of 1939-1941. Still in that place, and research continues. Therefore, it is likely that the discovered burial may not be the last. Our Christian duty is not only to preserve the memory of those events, but also honour those who suffered under the Communist regime,” – said the head of the internal policy of Ivano-Frankivsk city Council Igor Kinash .

It is known that the remains were found accidentally, near the old Jewish cemetery in Ivano-Frankivsk. They share with the Stanislaviv prison and the punitive operation of the NKVD (people’s Commissariat of internal Affairs – ed.) aimed at the destruction of the Ukrainian elite.

In the churches of Ivano-Frankivsk in 12 hours in memory for the dead beat of the bell. The rite of funeral was served by priests of the Christian denominations.

The authorities of Ivano-Frankivsk announced on March 24 a Day of mourning for the victims of the Soviet regime.

Dem’ianiv LAZ is a tract near Ivano-Frankivsk, a place of mass executions of prisoners NKVD prison. Previously, there were found the remains of 524 people, of whom 22 have been identified, the archives of the security service discovered the names of another 400 tortured people.