The place was found human bones and household items




Ukraine news:the Remains are in an anatomical integrity, but the location of the bodies has no order.

A mass grave with the remains of at least 50 people have found in Ivano-Frankivsk during the laying of the electric cable near the Central town’s lake, writes Radio Liberty.

Employees the company “Prykarpattyaoblenergo”, according to eyewitnesses, at first did not attach importance to the discovery, because close by is the old Jewish cemetery. However, local residents are not allowed to dig the grave and called the police. Now excavations at the burial place of the lead scientists of Ivano-Frankivsk municipal enterprise “Memory”.

In the trench dug by the workers of the company “Prykarpattyaoblenergo” for one day, the researchers found about two bags of human bones and household items. Among them are the elements of women’s and children’s clothing .

According to the head of KP “Memory” Basil Tymkiv, at this stage of the excavation until it is difficult to assess the extent of burial, however, judging by the length and depth of the trench, it can be argued at least 50 victims.

“Human remains are deposited layer of 30 centimeters, possibly deeper, we can’t say for sure. The length of the pit is, so far, five meters. The remains are in an anatomical integrity, but the location of the bodies has no order. That is, the bodies were in the pit without any order”, – said Vasily Tymkiv.

The area near the burial in the 40-ies of XX century was used for the burial of victims of both Communist and Nazi regimes. However, based on the specifics of the burial, the researchers tend to believe that in this tomb lie the remains of victims of the NKVD. According to Vasily Tymkiv, mainly the Bolsheviks used for the burial of the natural irregularities of the terrain – ditches and depressions, not trying to dig a deep hole.

So far, scientists do not have an official permission to conduct excavations, therefore, thoroughly investigate the dumping, they will be able only after proper documentation. To do this they first need to figure out the dimensions of the burial site.