The Governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike suggested to hold a marathon and walking race in the Olympics 2020 in the Kuril Islands, reports the Russian Dialogue.

It was originally planned that the above-mentioned competitions, and other competitions on the main competitions of the Olympic games will be held in Tokyo, but the international Olympic Committee has taken a decision to postpone the marathon and walking race in Sapporo. The reason for this step was the hot weather in the capital. Organizers note that in Sapporo temperature lower, so the runners will be more comfortable there to compete.

The Governor of Tokyo was unhappy with this step, the IOC, complaining that authorities of the capital appeared to have wasted a large sum of money as it prepares for marathons.

“If you need a cool place, I want to hear suggestions, why not spend them in the Northern territories (so in Japan called the Southern Kuriles, which Tokyo refuses to recognize as Russian territory – ed.),” said Koike.

Earlier, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin reminded that the Kuril Islands came under the control of the Soviet Union after the Second world war and proposed to rely on this historical fact in the discussions on this topic.

Recall, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia responded harshly to the Olympic map of Japan with the Southern Kurils and Tokyo accused in the decision to politicize the upcoming summer Olympics.