To determine the exact time period of the creation of the artifact managed by the monetary units that conceal the pavement. Notable is the fact that local specialists took six years, in order to present the world community a 220-meter stretch of the old road. For the first time this began to tell scientists 125 years ago.

The road originates near the South gate and ends at the site where the Temple mount. It is the presence of high-quality coating and the careful selection of materials suggests that this street was given paramount importance. This publication reports the Russian Dialogue.

Under the slabs of the bridge was discovered more than a hundred coins minted between 17 and 31 years BC. While there were no coins issued in large numbers ten years later.

Previously, the researchers were able to unearth a treasure of the Jewish revolt. The find was witnessed in Jerusalem. Currency has maintained a pristine appearance, as it predominantly was in the cave, the size of which was 7×14 meters.

We will add that in Jerusalem was also found Byzantine Shrine with spectacular mosaics. Estimates state that the monastery was built in VI-VII centuries of our era.