Photo: Getty Images Cooking Shawarma (archive photo)

The woman did not notice that her card had written off a large sum after a meal in a street cafe.

In the Old city of Jerusalem, the tourist lost $ 2,800 as a result of buying Shawarma. About it September 2, reported the newspaper Times of Israel.

It is noted that for Shawarma with a credit card women blamed 10100 shekels (2800 dollars).

Some time later, after an expensive meal, the woman noticed the loss of the large sum demanded to return the money. According to her, after the incident told in the Israeli media, the funds returned to her account.

The owners of street cafes insisted that an error has occurred, however, a former employee point told local media that there was a scheme to deceive the tourists.

“It’s one of the reasons I stopped working there. They began to cheat with the prices, it’s horrible. The police came three times with the tourists,” − says the man.


According to him, a menu in the street cafes and sellers say that a bowl of meat costs 80 shekels, and charge in euros or dollars.

Sometimes the client notices an error in the bill, and sometimes pays with his credit card.

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