Photo: Screenshot from video In Kazakhstan because of the erosion of ice on the Irtysh flew glass in residential buildings

In Kazakhstan, blowing ice on the Irtysh river in Semey, a shock wave beat out glasses in apartments. As a result of the incident injured several people.

In Kazakhstan, blowing ice on the Irtysh river in Semey on Thursday, March 29, the shock wave knocked out Windows in several apartments in three nine-storey and one five-story building, according to NUR.KZ.

The incident occurred in the afternoon. According to media reports, there are victims, among them a child.

“The call came from a woman born in 1956, and men born in 1959, he suffered stress and became ill. The woman refused hospitalization”, – reported on the ambulance station.

LLP Vostokgasprom noted that conduct blasting operations for the liberation of the Irtysh river of ice in accordance with all the rules. But the effect of the shock waves has not been canceled .

Attention! In the video there is profanity!

Earlier, the witness published a video of the moment a powerful explosion in the Chinese city of Tianjin. Then the blast wave beat out glasses in houses in radius of 2 km and damaged more than thousands of cars.

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