Activists on Bankova



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News of Ukraine: Near the presidential Administration, activists held a rally demanding the resignation of the head nikolayevskoy yeah Alexey Savchenko.

About a hundred activists of the “National corpus”, “Freedom” and Right sector” held a rally near the presidential Administration demanding to release the head nikolayevskoy yeah Alexey Savchenko.

The activists gathered near the upper exit of the metro “Khreschatyk”, and then set off in convoy with party flags by AAP. Since the passage on Bankova street was blocked by a dense border law enforcement, the rally was held on the corner of Bankova and Instytutska street. The participants of the event were the representatives of nationalist parties, voicing their demands to the President.

“The reason for the action was that we lost a man – 29-year-old hero of the anti-terrorist operation, the pilot Vladislav Voloshin . In the city of Nikolaev bury our hero, who became pawns in the game of the new Ukrainian authorities,” – said in the beginning of the action a press-the Secretary “Nazarus” Alexander Alferov and urged the audience to honor the memory of the pilot.

In Nikolaev said goodbye to Vladislav Volatilitat fully

According to him, guilty of incitement to suicide, acting Director of the municipal enterprise “international airport Nikolaev” Vladislav Voloshin is the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Savchenko. In addition, Alferov said that former law enforcement and currently “multimillionaire” Savchenko was involved in various corrupt deals, implementation of pressure on the media.

The protesters held a photo of the pilot Vladislav Voloshin and posters with inscriptions “the Governor Savchenko – killer”, “Alexey Savchenko – a murderer and a bandit.” At the end of the event also held a symbolic launch paper airplanes with similar labels.

In addition, there was the transfer of the official address of the political party “national body” at the address of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. “On March 18, in Nikolaev passed away 29-year-old pilot, a veteran of the anti-terrorist operation Vladislav Voloshin. From published information in the media it is known that the main reason for the suicide of a Ukrainian hero was illegitimate pressure from the management of the Nikolaev regional state administration, and primarily its head. The reputation of the Chairman nikolayevskoy yeah Alexey Savchenko has dark spots for a long time. In this regard, we believe that the person has no right to lead the local body of Executive power, and especially of such level”, – the statement says.

The nationalists also demand that the President signed a Decree on dismissal Savchenko from the position of head of the Nikolaev regional state administration.

March 18, in Nikolaev in his apartment committed suicide 29-year-old acting Director of the municipal enterprise “international airport Nikolaev” Vladislav Voloshin, last combat pilot, a member of ATO.

In Nikolaev it was shot the head completely aeroportcity

Subsequently, the media was supposedly a telephone correspondence Voloshin, in which, in particular, dealt with the intentions to kill himself and “fraud” in the reconstruction of the airport building, which allegedly involved the Chairman nikolayevskoy yeah Savchenko.

Inhabitants of Nikolaev in social networks has created a hashtag demanding the resignation of the Chairman Nikolayevskaya yeah because of this suicide.

In turn Savchenko urged to stop spreading false information about suicide Voloshin. According to him, there are law enforcement bodies, which objectively and impartially sort out what happened. And those involved in the tragedy will be held responsible.