In Kiev, at the station, unknown persons attacked the three employees of the courier service, which carried out maintenance of documents, taking away a few bags of mail and two Makarov pistol, said the speaker of the GU of the National police in Kiev Oksana Blischik.

“After committing the offenders fled the scene in a car”, – wrote O. Blischik on the page in “Facebook”on Saturday.

Malefactors caused to the employees of the courier service injuries, after which one of them was hospitalized.

The incident occurred on Friday evening on the platform of the Central train station.

According to the victims, the attackers were dressed in black and had guns.

In Kiev introduced operational plan “Siren”. Continue operational-search measures on detention of suspects.

The investigative Department of Solomenskiy police Department began criminal proceedings on h. 2 art. 187 (robbery) and part 2 of article 262 (theft, possession of a gun) of the Criminal code of Ukraine .

To malefactors threatens till 10 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.