The Chairman of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine Zurab Alasania


KYIV, 2 February. /TASS./ The decision of the European broadcasting Union (EBU) to fine Kiev for the removal of Russian girls Yulia Samoilova from the “Eurovision – 2017” will not affect Ukraine’s participation in the contest of 2018. On Friday the correspondent of TASS said the Chairman of the National public broadcasting company of Ukraine (NOTE) Zurab Alasania.

“In Ukraine there are two possible sanctions – monetary penalties and exclusion from participation. The suspension of Ukraine’s participation in “Eurovision” this year is impossible for procedural reasons we have already stated, we have the participants, the process goes,” he said .

According to Alasania, the process of appealing the decision on the penalty “will last long enough” and are unlikely to be completed before the current competition. However, the suspension of Ukraine, in his opinion, it may be possible in the future.

Previously, the EBU supported the decision of the Reference group to fine Kiev for negligent conduct of the song contest in 2017. As explained in the Geneva headquarters of the EBU, “the organization of the song contest “Eurovision” was accompanied by delays that have created unnecessary difficulties in the preparation of this presentation; host the competition, the national public broadcasting company of Ukraine, in addition, are unable adequately to fulfil its obligations regarding cooperation with the EBU for the participation of the Russian singer”.

The international song contest “Eurovision – 2017” took place in Kiev from 9 to 13 may with the participation of 42 countries. It are unable to act as the Russian singer Yulia Samoylova, as the security Service of Ukraine has banned her entry into the country for three years because of the performances in 2015 at the concert in the Crimea. Russian First channel in connection with the ban took the decision to refuse to broadcast the contest, while in the EBU said that after the competition will consider imposing sanctions on Ukraine in connection with the situation with the Russian contestant. The winner of the song contest was a singer from Portugal Salvador Collected.