In the next few hours to end of day 5 of March in Kiev are expected wind gusts of 15-18 m/s, in connection with which the residents and guests of the capital necessary to observe a number of precautions, reminiscent of the Kyiv city state administration with reference to the Ukrainian hydrometeorological center.

“Recall that in a strong wind it is necessary to observe the following rules: all the house Windows tightly closed, clean with balconies and loggias items that can fall out; if you were on the street to stay away from billboards, power lines, trees, buildings; in the event of strong winds take refuge in the nearest building or natural shelter; avoid being near large trees, especially poplars, and also not to Park near them vehicles,” – said the press service of the KSCA, released on Sunday.

Management concerning emergency situations of the city administration recommends that the fall of trees or branches in the injury of people etc . immediately inform the emergency services by phone: 101 or 103.