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In Kiev confirmed one case of the coronavirus. What type of virus is fixed – not specified. The corresponding results shown by the study of state institution “Kyiv city laboratory center of the Ministry of health of Ukraine”.

“For the season 2019-2020 health care, carrying out epidemiological surveillance of patients for influenza-like illness (ili) and severe acute respiratory infections (SARI) delivered to the Virology laboratory of the se “CGLC the MOH of Ukraine” 73 the sample for the study flu”, – stated in the message.

“The results of studies 67 samples, carried out PCR, obtained 12 positive results: influenza a (H1N1) virus – 3 influenza nationaly – 1, flu – 3, adenovirus – 2, bocavirus – 1, coronavirus – 1 and rhinovirus – 1″, – said the Agency.

Sovereign clamping position “Kiseki MSCI laboratory center MOH Ukraine”

At the same time in the laboratory center has not specified when it was registered the case and what he was kind.

Later in the review, the Agency noted that the fixed form of the coronavirus in China.