In Kiev began the creation of a Museum of monumental propaganda, the Soviet Union, its opening is planned for November 2017, said the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory Vladimir vyatrovich .

“Today, the second anniversary of the entry into force dekommunizatsionnye laws, we begin creating in Kiev Museum of the monumental propaganda of the USSR. Opening in November this year”, – he wrote on the page on the social network Facebook on Monday.

According to him, getting rid of the symbols of communism in Ukraine, which failed for 2 years, is only the first step. “After all, we should not just forget the Soviet past, on the contrary should be remembered as an example of what should never happen again. “Never again” about it will speak the exhibits to visitors of the future Museum of monumental propaganda of the Soviet Union”, – V. vyatrovich.

According to him, the initiators of the project were: Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Deputy mayor of Kyiv, Secretary of Kyiv city Council Volodymyr Prokopiv; he V. viatrovych, acting Director General of the National complex “Expocenter of Ukraine” Eugene Mushkin. Project Manager Maxim Bakhmatov.