In the Shevchenko district on the night 34-the summer inhabitant of Kiev who is earlier judged for Commission of a similar crime, and his accomplices under cover of taxi services demanded money from a foreigner as a result of failure struck the passenger several stab wounds, the press service of the Department of communication of the National police of Kiev.

“Militiamen established that two attackers had clearly planned the crime: one played the role of taxi driver and the other is his friend. The taxi driver invited the foreigner, who several times drove to see Kiev. When he agreed, they picked up the accomplice of the taxi driver – and the three went in the direction of Victory Avenue”, – stated in the message.

The offenders demanded the victim’s money, and after they got his Bank card, tried to withdraw cash at two different places, but they failed – the owner called the wrong pins . As a result, the accomplices threatened the foreigner with a knife, and received another refusal, put that several wounds.

It is noted that the victim tried to hinder criminals and kicked the rear window of the car, what attracted attention by passing police officers. Noticing police, the attackers tried to make an escape.

However, one of them field investigators have detained in order St. 208 UPC Ukraine, the other escaped. Currently looking for him. The victim called an ambulance, he is now under medical supervision.

On this fact the investigative Department of Shevchenkovsky Department of the police started two criminal proceedings: under part 4 St. 187 (robbery) and part 2 of article 146 (illegal imprisonment or kidnapping) of the criminal code of Ukraine. The suspect chose a measure of restraint in form of detention. The defendant and his accomplice could face up to fifteen years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.