In the Network published the first photos from the protest under the walls
Parliament. The building is heavily guarded by security forces, the protest is peaceful, without
provocations, reports the Russian Dialogue.

Today in Parliament should come Vladimir Zelensky. It
participates in the meeting of fraction of party “servant of the people” in Parliament and
will explain to MPs the implementation of “formula Steinmeier”.

The evening of October 1 after in Minsk signed a “formula
Steinmeier”, Ukraine began mass protests. So, to the Office Zelensky came by around two hundred activists
from ”Nazarus”, “Razdrogin” banned in Russia Ukrainian
Association “Svoboda” and other organizations.

Activists accuse the President of betraying the interests of
of the country, and the surrender of the Kremlin. Policy also put an ultimatum Zelensky and demanded to explain what kind of document Ukraine signed in
In Minsk and what are the consequences of those actions.

In Russia believe that Kiev made the right decision and conflict
in the Donbas will be resolved soon.

In Donetsk and Lugansk, declared their cooperation with the representatives of Ukraine.