The security service of Ukraine

The security service of Ukraine in Kiev detained the defendant in the case of General Shaytanov, former employee of Center of special operations “A”, which maintained contacts with the Colonel of FSB of the Russian Federation Yegorov. Reports a press about it-service SBU.

At the place of residence of the detainee found an Arsenal of firearms and ammunition.

“Law enforcement officers seized anti-tank hand grenade RPG-26, grenade launcher and 2 grenades to him, STEYR 1914 pistol with a silencer, a rifle type carbine, rifle Mauser-Werks, homemade rifle silencer, 3 RGD-5 grenades and fuses to them, similar to plastid material, 12 blasting caps and more than 9 thousand cartridges of different caliber,” – said in the message.

The detainee is suspected of illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives. The question on election of a preventive measure.