In Kiev, poured paint the monument to Vladimir
Hope Vusik Facebook

In Kiev at night vandals poured red paint on the monument to Prince Vladimir the Great. Wrote about this on his page in Facebook an employee of Ukrainian Institute of national memory, Olena Khaliman, she also posted a photo taken by Hope Music.

“Red paint in Kiev not only doused the monument to Elena Teliga at Babi Yar, so now is the monument to Volodymyr the Great. That in the minds of those who are “at war” with monuments, it is difficult to realize,” wrote Halimon.

As reported, last night unknown poured paint over a monument to Elena Teliga, outdoor 25 February this year. Conservators and volunteers have already cleaned the monument. Last week vandals attacked the Polish memorials in Huta penyatskoy and Pidkamin in Lviv oblast.

As reported, March 17, at Babi Yar poured paint over a monument to Elena Teliga. However, after a few hours, the Kiev washed a monument.

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