Fight in Kyiv city Council




The conflict began when the mayor of Kiev has offered to resign.

In the Kiev city Council there was a fight between deputies from the faction “Svoboda” Volodymyr Nazarenko and Deputy from “Solidarity” Alexander Kharchenko.

Secretary of city Council Vladimir Prokopiv adjourned the meeting and gathered everyone for the conciliation Board.

The reasons for the fight is unknown, but it is clear that it occurred after the speech, the people’s Deputy Yuriy Levchenko, who called on the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko to retire.

Subsequently, the Deputy of the “Solidarity” Alexander Kharchenko urged to provide the transcripts with the speech Levchenko to Prosecutor General’s office.

“We will now conduct the conciliation Board. I’m sure who is to blame will find the courage to apologize in front of the deputies and we will be really able to continue working,” commented Secretary of city Council Vladimir Prokopiv.