In London today funeral of the famous singer George Michael, which was attended by only the closest relatives and friends of the artist.

Today, March 29, at the London funeral of singer George Michael, who died three months ago, according to “Russian conversation”.

The ceremony decided to make it closed. The funeral was attended by only close friends and relatives of the singer. According to estimations by the Western media, the funeral was attended by 30 people.

Earlier media reported that George Michael had buried closed to the visiting sector Highgate cemetery, near the graves of his mother.

Note that George Michael was found dead in his home December 25, 2016. The ambulance was called by his boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz. After a thorough examination, doctors stated that the cause of death was problems with the cardiovascular system, and liver problems .

Earlier, the “Russian Dialogue” reported that the family had postponed the ceremony of the burial of George Michael to the doctors it was time to find out the cause of his death.