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KIEV, August 21. /TASS/. Unknown stole the metal letters and numbers with a tombstone on the grave of the hero of Soviet Union intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov , buried in Lviv.

“Today, August 21, at 10:55, the police received a message stating that one of the memorial slabs on the tomb, located on the Hill of Glory in Lviv, was kidnapped by metal letters and figures. Now militiamen establish circumstances of incident, the question of the legal qualification of the offences under the Criminal code of Ukraine. Conducted investigative actions”, – said on Monday the Department of communication of the Chief of police in the Lviv region.

Judging by the photos posted on the police Facebook, we are talking about the tombstone at the grave of legendary Soviet intelligence agent Nikolai Kuznetsov.

From October 1942 Kuznetsov, under the name of a German officer Paul Siebert documents employee of the secret German police led intelligence activities in the Western Ukraine and personally eliminated 11 generals and high-ranking officials of the occupying administration to Nazi Germany.

After the announcement in 1991 of Ukraine’s independence, the nationalists began to oppose commemorating Kuznetsova. In 1992 was dismantled monuments scout in Lviv and Rivne, in 2015, destroyed a monument to Kuznetsov in the village Pouch Rivne region. In 2015, his name was added to “the List of persons subject to “the Law on decommunization” whose memory must be erased from the map of Ukraine.

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