In Mariupol, two children were killed because of the crumbling mound of sand

In Mariupol Donetsk region on may 5 at 22:26 in an abandoned hangar had been sloughing of the sand, killing two children. This was reported on the website of the Antimonopoly.

The soldiers of the 3rd State fire and rescue squad, who arrived on the scene found that the accident killed two boys, 2007 and 2008 year of birth. The bodies were retrieved before arrival pozharno-saving divisions.

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Rescuers by means of the shantsevy tool spent digging a collapsed part of the mound sand with the aim of identifying other possible victims. The dead and injured was not detected. From the Main Directorate was involved in 11 personnel and 3 vehicles.

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As reported, in Lviv two children were poisoned by carbon monoxide.