TASS, 7 Aug. Over 85% of the citizens of Mauritania supported the referendum, held on August 5, the amendments to the Constitution adopted in 1991. This was reported in the night of Monday, the national independent electoral Commission.

According to her, the turnout exceeded 53%. To participate in the procedure could almost 1.4 million citizens. Thus, the Moors who came last Saturday to the vote, expressed support for amending the basic law.

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The leadership of the election Commission has expressed “great satisfaction the terms in which it was organized and held a referendum”. Now preliminary data of the electoral Commission will be submitted for approval to the constitutional Council of the country.

Amendments to the Constitution provide for the abolition of some state authorities, particularly the Senate (56-seat upper house of Parliament) and the Supreme Islamic Council. In this case, the authorities will concentrate on the development of the regional councils.

Another innovation will be the change of the flag of Mauritania. Symbolizing Islam’s green flag with horizontally placed on it a Crescent and five-pointed star yellow (color number) will be complemented by two red lines in recognition and memory of the “blood of the martyrs of the resistance” who died in the struggle against French colonialism.

Changes in the basic law was proposed Pro-government forces, including by the President’s team of the country’s 60-year-old Mohamed Abdelaziz. The opposition on the eve of the referendum called the procedure will “illegal masquerade”, and the actions of the President “dictatorial and disgusting.” According to opponents of the head of state, he wants to usurp power and to create the conditions for his re-election to the next, the third term in the elections of 2019.