Radio Svaboda

In Minsk during the protest actions detained about 50-100 people. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said the journalist Anton Motolko.

“Today was arrested about 50-100 people, they were taken to different police Department,” he said.

According to him, yesterday during the action were detained several independent journalists and representatives of human rights organizations. Now their whereabouts are unknown.

He also said that yesterday he was beaten by the representative of one human rights organization, he has a traumatic brain injury.

The journalist said that now beaten human rights defender trying to push him to take a statement from the police.

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In addition, according to him, already released previously detained British journalist, it was torture.

“Freedom day” in Belarus took place yesterday, March 25 . The scheduled event gave way to mass arrests. So, it was reported about the detention of hundreds of citizens, as well as 57 human rights activists and volunteers. Later they were released, among them were four persons with residence permit in Ukraine.

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