At 14:00 in Moscow and St. Petersburg launched a unauthorized government anti-corruption rallies organized by opposition politician Alexei Navalny. Earlier similar actions were held in cities in the East of the country.

In the capital held a rally on Pushkin square, according to “Russian conversation”.

To this minute, law enforcement officers detained several people for violating public order. Mainly detain those who carry the placards.

Were also detained protest organizers Alexei Navalny: opposition thrown in the paddy wagon, the protestors are trying to free him, blocking the way to the car.

In St. Petersburg, protesters gathered on the Champ de Mars.

I have never seen such. Ten thousand . And all chant

— Arseny Vesnin (@ars_ves) on 26 March 2017 .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that in Moscow in connection with the protests strengthened security measures.