George Obolensky


According to the materials:

George Obolensky played about 30 roles on stage and starred in 15 films.

At the age of 79 years died a famous Russian actor, who all his life was devoted to stage and film. This is a great loss for cinema, and his own little theater in which the artist worked 50 years of his life, expressed his regret and sympathy to the family of the deceased.

The actor will forever be remembered by the audience with numerous roles on stage, about 30 of which have played the most. Among them “vanity Fair”, “Stole Consul”, “the Marriage of balzaminova”. Known 15 of his films, most famous of which is “the Village detective” and “the case of the hotel”.

The actor spent the final path of the Trinity in Silversmiths. George Obolensky is buried in the cemetery Vagankovsky .