MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. Travel to the town of Zhukovsky from the highway M-5 “Ural” will be closed from 18 to 23 July in connection with the international aviation and space salon MAKS-2017.

The movement of vehicles will also be restricted on roads Moscow – Zhukovsky Ramenskoye district (from 32-th to 35-th km) and Moscow – Zhukovsky – airport Bykovo (with zero on the fourth kilometer in the direction of Zhukovsky).


Aerialists MAX-2017
TASS tells of pilot groups participating in the flying program of the air show

In addition, Zhukovsky will cover a number of streets: Gagarin, Chkalov, Zhukovsky, Tupolev, bitter, and Pravolineynaya, Cooperative, Michurina, myasishcheva, Dugin Dzerzhinsky. In the restrictions will affect the street Electrification and circular motion in the direction of the city Zhukovsky .

The authorities will also prohibit Parking on parts of streets Ramenskoye and Zhukovsky, and also at the entrance to Zhukovsky from the highway M-5 “Ural” (0-6,6 km). Stop vehicles will be prohibited on the road in Zhukovsky Ostrovtsy – Vereya (0-4,9 km) and Moscow – St Electrification (0-2,3 km), Gagarin St. (0-1,7 km) and St. Alexei of Flights (0-0,9 km) in both directions. The restriction will operate from 06:00 to 22:00 GMT.

Also the traffic on the street of Zhukovsky from 21 to 23 July from 06:00 to 22:00 MSK will be a one-way platform “Relaxation” to “optimize traffic”, noted in the regional Ministry of transport.

MAX 2017 will be held in Zhukovsky near Moscow from 18 to 23 July. The organizers of the show are the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation and the state Corporation “rostec”, the official organizer is JSC “Aviasalon”.