Photo: the Rosselkhoznadzor is not missed 180 kg of meat from Ukraine

Meat was carrying conductors of the wagons from the station of Vinnitsa.

Employees Rosselkhoznadzor found the meat in the compartments for storing coal in the train, arrived at the Kiev station in Moscow from Moldova and Ukraine.

According to the Ministry, upon inspection of the passenger train, which followed from Moldova through Ukraine to Moscow, two cars in the process pockets of working platforms intended for storage of coal, was discovered in the meat, presumably pork.

The cargo was Packed in plastic bags. Its total weight was 180 lbs. He followed without veterinary accompanying documents. On products labels.

Employees of linear Department of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has established that the meat was transported by conductors of the wagons from the station Vinnitsa to transfer it in Moscow the unknown person .

All the meat was seized and burned in a dedicated furnace in the Ramenskoye district of Moscow region.

As reported Корреспондент.neton the eve in the annexed Sevastopol burned almost 400 kg of sausages and cheeses from Ukraine and EU countries.