It is the first record of a cervical seal that was not human, and organizations.

In the center of Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, found round the neck seal.

Find a small (19 to 20 mm), weighs 2.79 grams, made of tin bronze. One side of the object is smooth on the other – the inscription in four rows “Print Vytegra tavern.” Near depicts two shoots of some plants. Ear, over which hung the seal broken.

By itself, the discovery of a pendant of the seal is not very rare: they are found at the excavations are in the museums and in private collections. But usually these items indicated people’s names, sometimes their occupations. A famous and instructive inscriptions: “do Not be afraid of death, fear of sin”, “Print – on smart fortress”. Print organization name on the finding of 2017, had not previously been known.

“Who would call it the seal of the legal entity”, – said Alexey Emelyanov, head of Department of cultural heritage of Moscow .

The subject while dated is quite wide of the XV–XVIII centuries, as the entire group such neck seals. What kind of drinking establishment belonged to a seal, is unknown. It is possible that the tavern was located in the town of Vytegra in Vologda region. Perhaps someone from the owners or the administration of the institution came to Moscow and lost there seal.