Photo: Screenshot of video In Moscow, three activists hung on a bridge banner with anti-Putin slogans

The activists were detained by the police as soon as they unfurled a banner on the bridge.

In Moscow the police detained three activists who hung on the bridge a banner that read “Putin is war. Putin is death,” reports the ATS-info.

Detained Ekaterina Ryzhova, Nicholas Players and Pavel Kuznetsov. Against them were drawn up on violation of rules of conducting the public event.

The evening of March 5, all detainees were released from the linear Department of the station.

In Ryzhov and Igrokov were drawn up for “the violation by the participant of a public event about its conduct,” Kuznetsov “repeated violation of the established order of organizing or holding public events”.

Earlier it was reported that in new York, unknown persons placed a banner glorifying Russia .

The statue of Liberty in the United States hung a welcome banner for refugees