Photo: UNIAN In Moscow dismissed the Roman Tsimbalyuk

He was in the police station for three hours.

In Moscow, police released the detained Ukrainian journalists Roman Tsimbalyuk Agency UNIAN, the operator of TV channel 1+1, Nikita Borodin and graduate students of historical faculty of Moscow state University Zachary sarapulova.

Today in Moscow detained a Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsimbalyuk after he interviewed the MSU graduate student who brandished the flag of Ukraine.

“After three hours in the police station at MSU me, operator, and Zachary let go” – quoted by UNIAN Tsimbalyuk.

According to him, they were in the police station for three hours.

“At this time separately on the interview. Said that we are obliged in this situation to provide explanations, which I did. They wanted to have it in writing, but under article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation I do not owe, and refused,” he said.

“So wrote them to read the information Agency UNIAN and watched 1+1. After that the Commissioner has given me a more intimate questioning for 10 minutes. I wrote it down, I have it on the recorder,” – said Tsymbalyuk.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Ukraine the detention of Roman Tsimbalyuk in Moscow called a provocation.