MOSCOW, October 10. /TASS/. The monument to the legendary General Paul Phytin – head of Soviet foreign intelligence during the great Patriotic war has opened in Moscow. It is installed at a building on Ostozhenka, where the press Bureau of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR) of Russia.

Paul Phytin was the head of Soviet foreign intelligence in the years 1939-1946. At the opening ceremony of the monument to the head of the SVR Sergey Naryshkin called this event visible “in the professional community of special services and in the public life of our country.”

He remembered his first impressions from watching the movie “Seventeen moments of spring”, where Yefim Kopelyan was read over coded messages from spies in the Center – “Eustace – Alex”. “I was wondering – who is this mysterious “Alex”? In the archives of the RAF kept a lot of the code cables that were signed Pavel Fotin . I think not reveal a big secret if I call him a real online alias, cipher telegrams he modestly signed “Victor,” – said the head of the SVR.

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“But what the contents were these cipher telegrams! In those years, our intelligence has won great victories, and the leadership of the country received timely information about the strategic plans of Nazi Germany, the plans of the allies, including behind-the-scenes game, and, of course, about the atomic bomb project of the United States. Produced by Soviet intelligence information greatly helped to hasten the day of the great Victory and to create a nuclear – missile shield of the Motherland”, – stressed Naryshkin. He thanked all who helped to return the name of Paul of Phytin in world history – veterans of the intelligence service, fellow-Urals of Paul of Phytin and the Creator of the monument by Andrey Kovalchuk, embodied the image in bronze.

“70 years ago in the Urals came a young Lieutenant General, and only three years ago, the Urals found out what contribution he has made to protect our homeland and preventing the nuclear threat,” – said at the opening of the monument to the chair of the coordinating Bureau of the councils of veterans of security agencies of the Ural Federal district Vladimir Krupkin. According to him, the veterans gathered information about the Phytin, including the school where he studied. “We have turned another page, which revealed the secret activities of the Russian foreign intelligence service”, – he said.

At the opening ceremony of the monument to Sergei Naryshkin awarded the winners of the recent Ural contest with the participation of schoolchildren “My brother Paul Phytin”, which was sent more than a thousand works. The Creator of the monument to Andrey Kovalchuk was awarded the medal of the SVR “For interaction”.