In Moscow appeared the sexual maniac, the search for which is now engaged in the Metropolitan police. About the offender became known from the words of 14-year-old boy who nearly became a victim of men.

As it became known, the student was riding the subway, the car was stuffed
people. At some point, the boy approached the unknown male,
which touched the teenager for intimate places, reports “Russian
The dialogue”. The frightened boy immediately pulled away from the man and went to another
the end of the car. A pervert was not satisfied, and again, “clamped” a teenager in
corner, but this time just handed him a note.

“It was written that I can earn money if
agree to have sex with him”, — said the boy to the police.

The teenager left the subway car at the next station and
ran home, where he told everything to mom. The family went to the police and
wrote a letter to maniac .

Now police are searching for a pervert. According to the boy, tall man, wearing a black jacket, he had large facial features and a wide forehead.

As previously reported, the 29-year-old Moscow resident is accused of having molested his juvenile nephew.